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QuickMirror 1.41 is the current supported version of QuickMirror.

You can try our software for a three-week period before deciding to purchase QuickMirror:

We send our thanks to the many shareware sites who list QuickMirror!

Registered QuickMirror users have free access to future updates, and access to single computer, no setup, and workstation versions.

If you have already ordered QuickMirror, thank you once again for purchasing our utility. With your purchase, you are entitled to free updates. If you have not yet ordered QuickMirror, please click on the Orders link above.

The current registered QuickMirror version is 1.41. Your installed version can be found by clicking Help, About on the QuickMirror menu.

Fill out your registration information below to download any of the following:

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By entering your email address, we will change it in our database to use for future notices of QuickMirror updates. If you haven't been receiving notices of QuickMirror updates, we suggest entering an email address, and making sure that your email system is not blocking emails from addresses ending in @QuickMirror.com or moving them into a spam or junk mail container.


If you encounter problems when submitting the above information, email qmhelp@QuickMirror.com.

If you are a registered user and have not received an email announcement of QuickMirror 1.41, we can keep you informed of QuickMirror updates if you enter your new email address above or email us using your new email address along with your name and registration number.